About Cuvers

Cuvers is a family-owned, home-based business situated in the east end of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario, Canada that specializes in the manufacture of custom covers, cases and bags. Cuvers is fully equipped with heavy industrial machinery for the manufacture and repair of standard and specialty fabric and leatherette products for both the end-user and business. Cuvers is dedicated to providing:

1) The lowest prices on custom covers anywhere in Canada;

Most consumers would agree that high prices are always associated with custom products.  We've come to realize that it doesn't have to be that way, so we decided to be the first company to put the "affordable" back into custom products.  As a home-based business, Cuvers maintains low operating costs in order to pass on incredible savings to both end-users and business.  The end result?  High-quality custom leatherette products at incredibly low prices!

2) Custom and novelty products that are otherwise unavailable;

If you have difficulty finding a cover to fit an unusual appliance, whether it be a brick barbeque or an awkwardly shaped gazebo, Cuvers can help!  All we need are the measurements and we can make that cover fit perfectly and just the way you want it.   

3) High-quality fabrics and workmanship, which ensure durable, long-lasting products that provide maximum protection;

Having been in this business for over 25 years, we have become increasingly particular about our choice of fabric for manufacturing our custom products.  Our experience suggests that industrial-quality leatherette is the prime choice for durable, long-lasting covers, and when coupled with industrial sewing machines and nylon thread, we can create some of the longest-lasting covers available anywhere! 

4) Fast, friendly, personalized customer service;

In keeping with the politeness and friendliness typically attributed to Canadians, Cuvers has adopted a customer service policy of which we are particularly proud.  Cuvers will do its utmost to ensure that your experience with us is pleasant, your custom product is completed as neatly and as quickly as possible, and that any difficulties you may encounter after purchasing from us (as extremely unlikely as that is) are quickly resolved to your satisfaction.